This is a site published by a language enthusiast who make no claims at being a professional linguist or language teacher. I’m simply a woman who always has been fascinated by languages, and Swedish is my mother tongue.

I currently study Modern Greek on my own, and during my studies I’ve been looking for examples on how to use the words I learn. So far, I haven’t found any good sources. OK, to be fair, WordReference is good, but I feel limited to be relying only on dictionaries.

Anyway, I decided to turn my frustration into something productive: If I’m looking for such a source exemplifying the Greek language, maybe others who learn Swedish would be helped by a Swedish equivalent?

The result is this site. I challenge you Greeks out there to start similar sites providing everyday examples in Greek. I would be truly grateful for any site/blog along these lines! If it already exists, or if you have any other tips about where to find useful Greek phrases that sound natural to a Greek person, please contact me.

P.S. I’m also using this site to experiment with WordPress (please bear with me if the site looks ugly/experimental).