Sometimes quantity is quality

This blog has one main purpose: to provide examples of correct Swedish sentences and phrases that sound natural to me, a native Swede, to help people out there who are learning Swedish to improve their language skills.

I ask you to bear with me when it comes to my English. I know it’s not perfect. I’m a bit of a perfectionist (or, you can actually skip the “a bit” part), so this blog will also be therapeutic for me. Instead of not posting, because I’m worried my English isn’t perfect, I plan to post many posts. Because sometimes quantity is quality.

The reason I started this blog is because I love languages, and I’m currently studying Modern Greek on my own. It’s easy to learn vocabulary, but I lack an on-line resource for simple sentences that demonstrate the usage of the words I learn. And I need examples in order to really understand their meanings. Apart from one or two examples (if I’m lucky) in on-line dictionaries, such examples are in my experience hard to come by without asking a native speaker. Language forums are the closest thing to what I need, but they are mainly used to answer specific questions (of the kind “what does this mean?”) rather than providing an abundance of sentences exemplifying how to use certain words.

So, this is my contribution to those who learn Swedish. I hope you find my posts useful. If you need examples on how to use a particular Swedish word, don’t hesitate to ask me. Also, alto I’m not a Swedish teacher, please feel free to ask your language questions. I’ll be happy to try my best to answer them.

Note that I assume basic knowledge in Swedish, and I also assume that you look up any words you don’t know in a dictionary. That is, I don’t plan to always translate the sentences. But I want you to know that they are correct, that they sound natural to a Swede, and I will help you understand in what contexts you may use them.

One last thing: My intention is to provide one or more files for download with all my examples, but not until I have enough blog posts to motivate that.

Happy language learning!

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